OpenTZT Folder Structure

sample folder tree


Each folder such as openTZT_root_dir\Material\Bank0\F1 corresponds to one of the Function Keys in the user interface (in openTZT called "Page" or "Material Page"). Each folder may hold up to 17 files to be played. These files will map to the letter keys WERTY ASDFGH ZXCVBN. Q is by default skipped and mapped to "No Material" to be able to remove a material from a player.

Depending on the skip_q setting in the tzt.ini you can also load 18 files per page. But keep in mind that you have to move to a partly or completely empty material page every time you want to remove a clip from a player.

As you can see in the left folder structure only \Bank0\ to \Bank3\ is shown.


\Bank9\F1\ .. \Bank9\F9\ (not shown) have special purpose for effect mapping. Effects (keymap.ini or DLL) that are placed in this folder are mapped to the numpad keys.

Any \F*\ folder can contain a keymap.ini file which tells openTZT what effect to map to a specific key.

See section Internal Effects for an example of the keymap.ini.


This Folder stores the settings for your presets and a preview image which will be displayed in the preset palette. If you want to delete a preset you can easily do this by deleting both the *.pre and *.bmp file of a preset. More information about presets.


This folder is for openTZT's own uses and contains no user specific data.