Video clips, Images, Live streams, Flash - OpenTZT's Materials

The Material Palette.

Any type of file or generator plugin openTZT can load is called a material. The material palette consists of up to 9 banks of 9 pages each. Each of these pages can hold up to 17 materials. So openTZT can load up to 1.377 materials. The Q Key is automatically left empty on all pages to be able to clear a player regardless of which page is active. The following file types are available:

Generally for AVI, openTZT can load every file the Windows Media Player can play.

Generator Plugins

Generator plugins are DLL files that can provide virtually any type of video data. Place thes dll's beneath video clips or images in the \F*\ folders. They will be loaded as any other material.

Special Inputs

A Thru Material is a special type of material that causes the player to pass through the video stream as it is to it's effects (see below how exactly this works).
To place a thru material in a material page simply place an file with the extension .thu in a \F*\ folder. This file can be empty.

Live Video Capture can be enabled by creating a file with the extension .cap in one of the \F*\ folders. This file contains the configuration for the video capturing.
This is an example file: